Daniel Payne Outreach Ministries

Daniel Payne Outreach Ministries, Inc. strengthens the Middle Tennessee community through before and aftercare services for children and youth, emergency food relief for area families, an a leading alcohol and drug prevention program for youth and their parents.

Daniel Payne Christian child care center

Named for one of the champions of education in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Daniel Payne Christian Child Care Center (DPCCC)  is designed to prepare young children for success by engaging them academically and socially in one on one and group settings.

The Center facilitates hands –on learning experiences to capture and expand interests. DPCCC provides a safe, healthy, tolerant, multi-cultural environment for growth and learning where social, emotional, physical, cognitive and lingual skills are developed through natural learning and developmentally appropriate teaching in a Christian atmosphere.

The philosophy of the Daniel Payne Christian Child Care Center also includes the mission as established by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional  needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating gospel through work and deed.

The living bread box

As one of East Nashville’s evening hour and weekend emergency food relief pantries, Payne Chapel’s Living Breadbox is open from 6-8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 1-3 p.m. on Saturdays. Over 10,000 meals are served yearly to men women and children through its efforts as it operates through the help of a volunteer workforce and community partners.

The Living Breadbox is open to any and all families and individuals needing food assistance in all of Middle Tennessee and operates as a satellite of Second Harvest Food Bank and is an acknowledged agency of the United Way. For information on how to contribute to The Living Breadbox through partnership and volunteerism, call 615-262-3675.

Ask-pep program

The ASK-PEP (Alcoholism Screening and Knowledge-Parents Educating Parents) Program is a multifaceted community based program that addresses the recognition, prevention and education concerning alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth primarily in underrepresented populations. Under the auspices of Payne Chapel, ASK-PEP includes both Early Intervention and Targeted Education Programs.

The ASK-PEP’s early intervention initiatives for minority youth (ages 10-18) is designed to develop positive attitudes and promote citizenship through improved relationships with parents, peers, teachers and city officials. Students in the program also encounter entrepreneurs, skilled trades personnel and professionals discuss their careers and assist in providing relevant field experiences. Parents  of the youth are encouraged to attend and have a separate session designed for fellowship and support to promote successful youth socialization and citizenship in the local and global communities.


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